The History of The OBViOUS: Live Performances 2006~2008

 The 2006~2008 Tokyo Tour background:

After the release of "...obliVious" album in 2004, it was 2 years before the new songs would be heard in the live arena in Tokyo. A manager put together a Japanese live backing band (sometimes refered to as the J-OBViOUS) to back mr christopher in a 2-year series of live performances and showcases to help locate a suitable record label.

Here are the posters and dates of those performances.

Future live performances will be located in the NEWS pages.

Live Performances 2006~2007

2月12日、The OBViOUS 10pm. 新宿ジャムでライブをやります!

5月12日 - 8PM- Livehouse 下北沢ボイスファクトリーVoiceFactory (Shimokitazawa)

06月10 SUNDAY 18:30 Brave Bar (Roppongi), 1955円, TEL 03-3587-2985)

06月15日 金 8pm, Cave Be (Shimokitazawa) TEL:03-3412-7373 ADV/1800円 DAY/2000円

07月6日 金 9pm ☆ Attic (Kabukicho Shinjuku) 2500円 TEL:03-5291-5107

07月14日 (土) 8pm VoiceFactory (Shimokitazawa)

08月11日 (土) 9:30pm The OBViOUS LiVE in Roppongi Brave Bar

8月27日☆The OBViOUS LiVE in 渋谷 at CLUB ASIA Vuenous


9月11日☆ The OBViOUS LiVE in 渋谷 at CLUB ASIA

10月 17日 (水) Club Asia, 6:30pm - The OBViOUS LiVE (渋谷)

12月1日TheOBViOUS新宿ロフト (Saturday Night! 6:30pm)

New Single: "The Happiest Day Of My Life" The Obvious - Quarter Orange - The Happiest Day of My Life

The OBViOUS Live Performances 2008

12/12 (金)The OBViOUS クリスマスパーティー!~ 新宿ATTiC 8:30PM

11月21日 (金) Headpower (都新) 8:30PM

10/31 (金) ATTIC ハロウィンコスチューム党 ! (新宿) 9PM

10/12 日 高円寺HIGH (高円寺), (7:20PM) (INFO/WallPaper)

9月26日金曜日The OBViOUS live! HOT SHOT (新大久保) 8PM!
9/26 The OBViOUS' CD Release パーティー !!

9月4日 (木) The OBViOUS Live! 新宿 LOFT (8PM)

8月23日土曜日 Attic (新宿) 10PM-3AM The OBViOUS パジャマパーティー !!

8/6 水曜日 The OBViOUS @ Attic (新宿) 10PM-3AM

7/31 Thursday Shinjuku Jam (新宿), (8 or 9pm) (iNFO/WallPaper)

7/23水曜日 Attic ( 新宿) 10PM-3AM, (Wednesday)

7/9水曜日 Attic (新宿) 10PM-3AM, (Wednesday)

6/28土曜日 Space Bunff Cafe (Setaguya世田谷) 9pm (Free Show) (SATURDAY)

6月11日 (水) ☆ 新宿ロフト 8:30pm

4月30日☆ LiVE 水曜日 at 新宿駅南口 - FREE !!

04月26日(土曜日)午後1時〜午後5時 NHK前の代々木公園 - FREE !!

CD Release in Japan!
(Includes 2 songs by The OBViOUS!)

Video of The OBViOUS HiSTORY 1997-2007 here.

Graphic HiSTORY Detail by year:
1994 ~ 1995: The Early Development: CHiNA
1996: The Digital Bananan Recording Studio
1997: The OBViOUS formation
1998: The First Album & Tour
1999: 2OBViOUS! Album & Live in the US.
2000: OBViOUSly LiVE Album
2001: UK / JAPAN / 4OBViOUS rEASONS Album
2002 ~ 2004: John Lennon Museum / "...obliVious" Album / Kiriko Single
2005 ~ 2006 : The OBViOUS Best album / Radio appearances
2007 ~ 2008 : The OBViOUS Returns! #1: LiVE in Tokyo!
2009 ~ Re-mastering / writing time.
2010 ~ The OBViOUS Returns! #2 / More remasters & a new album due 2010/10/10!

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