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Notable 2001 OBViOUS story links:

The OBVIOUS begins recording "...obliVious" in Florida with Brad and Tim, and with Gaku and Takashi in Tokyo.

Spring 2002 - The sessions for future OBViOUS single "Kiriko" (Buy | INFO | Listen!) take place with co-producer Taizo Nakata in Tokyo.

The J-OBViOUS, a live supporting band for mr christopher's planned showcase performances, takes shape when mr christopher is introduced to bassist Gaku, and drummer Takeshi along with band internet promoter, TOMOiZM, in the Summer of 2002.

TOMOiZM immediately becomes web master of The Japanese OBViOUS Fan Page and begins internet promotion of the OBViOUS in the Japanese indies music circles. Here was one of the inital reports he gave on what OBViOUS music was being played where:

 TOMOiZM says:

"gOING 2" (from 4OBViOUS rEASONS -2001) is being used as background music on the promotion clip for the Yamanashi motorbike team called Black American Dogs!
Watch it here!

aaaAAAAAND: "More Than Meets the Eye" (from 2OBViOUS! -1999) was introduced on "Kaito Hatou (Wave Front Fisherman!)'s Lunatic SPIDER"!!!
  Listen here:

aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND:, just so The OBViOUS is everywhere, they've joined another mp3 web site called  "Ecn Music" (Japanese) .
 The new OBViOUS Page is here

 cHECK iT uP!!!

 (Uh... thanks Tomo!)

December 7, 2002 - The OBViOUS (East) debuts in Japan at the John Lennon Museum, just outside of Tokyo.

Immediately following their John Lennon Museum debut performance, the J-OBViOUS, drummer Takashi left the band. However Gaku decided to stay on recording bass overdubs through the following year. Takashi and Gaku's contrubutions to the "...obliVious" album included "From My Balcony", "Light My Fire" and "Things Are Lookin' Good".



Recording sessions for "...obliVious" continue in Tokyo and Florida just after the new year.


Surprise J-OBViOUS Appearance

On March 6th, 2004, at Yotsuya Tenmado, Tokyo, Japan, mr Christopher hosted a show with Japanese OBViOUS Fan Page web master Tomoizm featuring a number of OBViOUS friends.  Gaku and Takashi were in attendance  as well. A preview of selected cuts from The OBViOUS' new "...obliVious" album were also played between sets.

Here's the announcement:

Back Row:  Yukiko "what's her name?" Okabe, a very happy  TOMOiZM & Tomoko Manabe
Middle Row:  the lovely "MiNE" &  Mia Ogawa
Front Row:  mr christopher  stealing a ciggie from  an equally  surprised Gaku , and drummer  Takashi on his 17th cup of coffee.

June 2004 - News of the mastering of the "...obliVious" album.

The songs have been recorded. The mixing is finished. 

We are coming down the home stretch folks! 

The newest OBViOUS album "...obliVious" is currently being mastered at the Favorite Underdog studio. 

Each song has been meticulously "mastered" to make it as loud as possible on CD using the latest technology.

Pictured here,  Toshi Yamazaki and mr christopher do a final listen to our "softest ballad" at a recent  mastering session in Tsujido City, just south of Yokohama. 

Also, as you can see by the front page of our web site, the album art is also nearly completed.

Working hard in conjunction with the graphic mastery of Mr. Steven Brown of NR Design, the "East meets West" visual image of The OBViOUS is being taken to a new level, uniting where we've been to where we are going!

Well, we're saying all will come together July 4, 2004, but the way things have been going, be sure to check back the first of July to see if we make.... back to work!

....more next week!


7/7/09 - On the day of the Tanabata Festival, The OBVIOUS releases "...obliVious" (Buy | INFO | Listen!) introducing for the first time the sounds of mr christopher's Japanese influences on the OBViOUS' music.

Press release excerpts:


-has 17 songs, including: 13 new original songs written by, yours truly, mr christopher, one co-written with OBViOUS drummer Tim, and 3 covers (A BEATLES, A DOORS and a classic old Terry/McGee penned blues number!)

- was recorded over an intense 2-year period in both Japan and the USA using 2 different lineups of the OBViOUS. On Bass and drums respectively are Brad & Tim in the US. and Gaku & Takashi in Japan creating the groove behind the guitar and vocals.

-A host of great guest musicians perform with us on various songs... including vocals by anime singer/songwriter "Hassy" on not one, not two, ...but three tracks!
-As usual, this is stylistically all over the place. Genre's include: Pop, Rock, Techno/industrial, Shuffle blues, Bosa Nova, Ballad, Latin, Funk. You know, the usual OBViOUS album. ;-)

-A few songs will available as a free mp3 download on this yahoo group, or as streaming RealPlayer audio from The OBViOUS Japanese Fan Site <http//>.
-Or, you can get a one-minute sample of ALL the tunes before you buy from our web site <>!

The "...obliVious" CD is currently available only through our web site in cooperation with Cafepress. If you want one go here now <>!

When you join our new OBViOUS Yahoo Group, you'll get further OBViOUS updates/including our upcoming LiVE schedule, starting in September!

Aaaaaaaannnnnd, you'll be able to download our insane *Japanese "...obliVious" commercial* with special guest "crazy DJ Tomoaki". Truly entertaining in any language.

So sign up now, grab the freebie downloads, and enjoy the July heat with a real summer time, feel-good album: "...obliVious" !

Thanks for your time. Write me personally, if you'd like to. I will respond. =)

Hope to get some feedback from you all. Let's talk soon!

Kind regards...lively music and a big blue sky,

mr christopher in Tokyo, Japan
Hard Rockin' Beatle-esque Swing Funk

PS: The OBViOUS' previous 4 albums and 2 EP singles are being re-mastered and will also be re-released though our site's store in the coming months!

=Under construction=

Video of The OBViOUS HiSTORY 1997-2007 here.

Graphic HiSTORY Detail by year:
1994 ~ 1995: The Early Development: CHiNA
1996: The Digital Bananan Recording Studio
1997: The OBViOUS formation
1998: The First Album & Tour
1999: 2OBViOUS! Album & Live in the US.
2000: OBViOUSly LiVE Album
2001: UK / JAPAN / 4OBViOUS rEASONS Album
2002 ~ 2004: John Lennon Museum / "...obliVious" Album / Kiriko Single
2005 ~ 2006 : The OBViOUS Best album / Radio appearances
2007 ~ 2008 : The OBViOUS Returns! #1: LiVE in Tokyo!
2009 ~ Re-mastering / writing time.
2010 ~ The OBViOUS Returns! #2 / More remasters & a new album due 2010/10/10!

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