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7/7/04 The OBVIOUS releases "...obliVious".

8/10/04 - Linguistcally challenged, mr christopher's first hillariously near-disasterous appearance on DJ Tomoaki's Radio show on Shimokita FM. (Joined by new tempory drummer superstar) Sugi Sugiyama & (j-obvious promoter) Tomoizm and graphic artist Steven B, two OBViOUS songs ("F@@LiSH" & "From My Balcony") were featured on Japanese radio waves for the first time.

12/2004 ~ January 2005: Sessions begin for the next OBViOUS album with the song "Voice Of Reason".

February 15, 2005

Once again, back in Japan, mr christopher promotes the OBViOUS on Shimokita FM with infamous DJ and and band friend, DJ Tomoaki.

Here's the report on the second appearance:

A quick report from mr christopher, who's just back from a live radio broadcast in Tokyo. 

Hello Kiddies!  mr Christopher desu!

Thought you might enjoy a few pics from a very cold, but fun night on Crazy DJ's Radio Show from Tuesday night 2-15-2005 in Tokyo on Shimokita FM 88.8.

 I was the second on a quite varied and interesting line-up of entirely Japanese guests (save moi, the sole 'henna' musician geijin)! 

 Tonight actually starred two "teen bikini idols" ...both named Yuka (!!) (who brought out a largely male audience much to my dismay). 

I was interviewed by both the bikini models as well as Crazy DJ (sporting an "on-the air" Cap!?!) who played 5 tracks off our "...oblivious" CD (Buy | INFO | Listen! ) including:    F@@lish    KiRik@    From My Balcony    Things ARe L@@king G@@d  and It's OBViOUS-ly Love Time      ...thanx "Crazy DJ"!

 Anyway, all of us were shivering and probably caught pnumonia as this was an OUTDOOR broadcast(!). However, I enjoyed soaking up the "fresh air" just outside the Shimokita Train Station.

 Of course Crazy DJ Tomo was a wonderful host to all of us.

 I'd like to thank my good friend and translator Kazu "it's-got-2-be-funky" Sera-san  who interpreted for me with (and without) our new walkie-talkies when I wasn't speaking Japanese! Great job man! How was my nihongo you may ask? ...well, it was better than last time ;-)

Thanks to all helped me look and sound my best tonight! You are all dear friends.
Hope you enjoy the crazy fun pics ;-P ! 
-mr christopher

The OBViOUS' mr christopher met Sony Japan president and vice president in Tokyo in hopes of negotiating a possible Japanese distribution deal for their upcoming compilation 'best of' album.

For the band's 10th year anniversary, the OBViOUS releases The OBViOUS Best compilation album in November 2005, complete with their new Kinks' cover recording of "All Day And All Of The Night."

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Video of The OBViOUS HiSTORY 1997-2007 here.

Graphic HiSTORY Detail by year:
1994 ~ 1995: The Early Development: CHiNA
1996: The Digital Bananan Recording Studio
1997: The OBViOUS formation
1998: The First Album & Tour
1999: 2OBViOUS! Album & Live in the US.
2000: OBViOUSly LiVE Album
2001: UK / JAPAN / 4OBViOUS rEASONS Album
2002 ~ 2004: John Lennon Museum / "...obliVious" Album / Kiriko Single
2005 ~ 2006 : The OBViOUS Best album / Radio appearances
2007 ~ 2008 : The OBViOUS Returns! #1: LiVE in Tokyo!
2009 ~ Re-mastering / writing time.
2010 ~ The OBViOUS Returns! #2 / More remasters & a new album due 2010/10/10!

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