mr christopher is the son of professionally trained actors and singers, learning and speaking 'broacast Standard' American English pronunciation throughout his life.

mr christohper has done English NARRATION work for a number of productions in China, Japan, and the U.S. ... often engineering the sessions himself and delivering a final product through digital means.

While mr christopher has mostly sung backing vocals for most of the bands he has been in, The OBViOUS became the first band to feature him as a lead vocalist on 7 rock albums since 1998.

mr christopher outgoing and humorous sensibility has also brought extensive opportunities as an event Emcee ("MC") for live productions.

You may hire mr christopher as a VOICE TALENT for NARRATION, background or lead SiNGiNG for your recording projects, or as an EVENT EMCEE.

In Japan, mr christopher's voice talent and singing abilities were combined for teaching Standard American English pronunciation for Japanese jazz singers in Tokyo. In 2009 he accepted a teaching position at OKURIE's Jazz School in Shinjuku.

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Sound Producer & Engineer

& Composer

Performer &Teacher

Voice talent / Narrator
Pronunciation Trainer

Corporate English Teacher

Private English Lessons here

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