mr christopher wrote his first song at age 5 singing the story of his father's experience with a crab on the beach.

"The goal of a song is to communicate the essence of an experienc or feeling with the widest possible audience in under 4 minutes." Christopher's compositions and songs have been releaseed in China, Japan, and the U.S.

mr christohper first became an ASCAP writer in 1996 and has gone on to write words and music in nearly every genre in three languages. Forever the student of musical styles, mr christopher has written and arranged music for Big Band, Jazz, Classical, Progressive Rock, and simple Acoustic Pop.

Lyricially, mr christopher studied and learned from the masters: Rogers and Hart and Hammerstein, Lennon McCartney, Sting, Elvis Costello. From popular music's early roots in Tin Pan Alley to the modern day wrtiers.

You may hire mr christopher as a co-writer or English language consultant for your cross-over J-Pop songs to reach a wider market in the American English speaking market.

Contact for rates on your special project.


Sound Producer & Engineer

& Composer

Performer &Teacher

Voice talent / Narrator
Pronunciation Trainer

Corporate English Teacher

Private English Lessons here

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